Theme: Modern Minimalist

I’m a sucker for a good theme. An ideal work space allows me to minimize the visual distraction of the hundreds of buttons and focus on the content I’m trying to create. There are a lot of good ones out there, but none that seemed as complete as I wanted them to be.

Below you can download my personal theme, Modern Minimalist. I hope you find it as useful as I have! I’ve designed it to be:

  • Consistent across all editor types
  • Easy to read
  • As simple as possible
  • Predominantly greyscale, for more accurate color work
  • Visually pleasing


Download Theme

2016-05-04 15_23_14-

2016-05-04 15_26_16-Edit Article ‹ BlenderHD — WordPress

UPDATE: Removed panel background, fixed the “box” color which was invisible in really specific scenarios, and added a really slight outline for the buttons.

2016-05-09 09_40_17-Xbox

  • Peter

    Really nice, soft theme. The light blue cursor in input fields a bit hard to see (‘cos the blue background of active field), and the active tab is not really distinguishable (no highlight).

    • Jonathan Lampel

      Hey, thanks for the feedback! I’ll see if I can update those in the next version of the theme.

  • Thank you!