Jonathan Lampel – Computer Graphics Artist

Forgotten Temple Statue

Tomorrow’s Enforcer

A written tutorial and breakdown of this scene can be seen here:


Summer Mountain

I grew up in the PNW and have a natural love for hiking up the mountains, which inspired me to create this completely CG render. The mountain shader is procedural and can be applied to any mesh without needing UV’s. The entire process can be seen in my Mountain Environments tutorial course.


Waking the Dragon King

A 3d environments class assignment, and entry into a “Dreamland” themed competition. I wanted this piece to have the composition, color, and storytelling of a traditional painting.

Coffee Time

A scene created to be used as a compositing exercise on CGC. I figured that any self-respecting CG artist living in or around Seattle should have at least one coffee scene in their portfolio.



Grassy Resting Place

An exercise in rendering nature.



A lot of thought and personal philosophy went into creating this composition, but what you see in it is up to you!



Cabin in the Woods

A CG environment created back in 2012 for a contest in realism. It was later used by a publishing company for the cover of Harlan McFadden.


Low Poly Ax

A low-poly, hand painted ax created for use as a game model. Texture resolution is 512 x 512, and the model has 210 tris. You can see the whole painting process here.


Low Poly Revolver

A classic Colt Walker revolver created to be used as a game asset within Unity. The total number of triangles is only 2,700 and is PBR textured.

Misc. Projects



Hi, I’m Jonathan Lampel, a 3D artist living near Seattle.


I’m currently working as a computer graphics instructor and designer for CG Cookie. I was an Autodesk CG Student Awards winner in 2014 and have been featured in three issues of 3D Artist magazine.

Outside the studio I’m a big fan of hiking, reading, watching movies, writing, and consuming excessive amounts of tea.

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