Puppy Character Creation

Dog character course

An animator’s best friend

Create an adorable Jack Russel Terrier in this comprehensive Blender course by guest tutor Pierrick Picaut.

You’ll learn a full production workflow in order to model, sculpt, unwrap, texture, shade, and rig this furry friend starting from just the default cube!

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Create production-ready characters

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“A rarely seen in-depth quality. The kind of tutorial we all are waiting for […] This tutorial is a must have” ~Karel Van Tornhaut, community member

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Chapter breakdown:

blocking the shape

Blocking the Base Shape

Transform the default cube into the basic shape of a dog, so that it can be sculpted in the next chapter.


Dynamic Topology Sculpting 

Take the rough modeled form and sculpt it into a refined model using Blender’s dynamic topology toolset. 



The sculpt looks great, but has way too many polygons to rig and animate. In this chapter Pierrick covers how to retoplogize our dog so that it is easy to rig and will deform well. 


UV Unwrapping

Learn how to unwrap the poor terrier in Blender to optimize the texture resolution and minimize UV stretching. 


Multi-Resolution Sculpting

Sculpt the fine details onto our furry friend with Blender’s multi-resolution modifier. 

texture baking

Map Baking 

Find out how to bake the high resolution detail onto the low resolution model, so our terrier can render quickly!

texture painting

Texture Painting

Every dog should have some spots! In this chapter, texture the terrier with Blender’s texture painting tools. 



Use the Cycles render engine to create a shader for Jack, so that he can be rendered realistically! 


Adding Fur

Have you ever seen a shaved pet? Not so cute! Use Blender’s particle system to create great looking fur for our dog. 



Most dogs like bones, but this one can’t move without them! Add a skeleton to the Jack Russel so that he can be animated. 

weight painting

Weight Painting 

In order for Jack to deform properly, we’ll need to define where each bone will influence the mesh. 


custom shapes

Custom Shapes

Create custom shapes for the terrier rig so that it’s easy and intuitive to animate! This step is crucial for the production pipeline if you need to hand the model over to someone else for posing. 

shape keys

Corrective Shape Keys

Learn to use corrective shape keys and drivers to realistically animate the parts of our dog that would be a pain to rig. 

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