Fantasy Cliff Tower Environment

Home Sweet Home

In this 13 part video series by guest artist Pierrick Picaut, learn how to create a marvelous fantasy house and its rocky environment.

The result is based on a concept from Corentin Chevanne, and is created exclusively with Blender.


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All you’ll need

Includes all files and resources (3d files, all textures) for each chapter. By taking the course, you will learn how to:

  •  Set up a Blender scene
  •  Block out a building
  •  Model a building
  •  Sculpt stones, tiles, wood, rocks….
  •  Create clever UVs, paint textures, project textures…
  •  Create your own stylised and tileable textures
  •  Light and shade your objects
  •  Prepare a render
  •  Enhance your picture with post production

The course is divided in 13 chapters with many videos. We will not be covering the basics, so be sure that you are familiar with Blender before taking this course.



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In this chapter we’ll go for a short concept analysis and we’ll start blocking our base model.

We’ll now start modeling the wooden frame trying to take benefit of mutualised UVs and shapes.

In this chapter we will create some stone bricks from a high poly sculpt to an optimised model, which will allow us to kit bash the basement together. 

In this chapter we’ll take advantage of our kit bashing and build our basement. 

We can now complete our modeling by filling in the missing details. 

In this chapter you will leanr how to create tileable (wood and rock)  textures using sculpting in blender. 

With our modeling and few textures available we can go into a first pass of shading for our house model.

Let’s now add some leaking beauty to our house and wooden frame.

We can now combine our base shader with our leaking moss and stains.

In this chapter, we’ll be sculpting our background and foreground cliffs. 

In this chapter we’ll go for the little missing part, and prepare the composition for the render. 

In this chapter you will learn my compositing method to make our render even more appealing. 

In this chapter we’ll make a review of our scene and check what could be enhanced. Then I’ll show you a new compositing method that can be reproduced with what learned into chapter 12.

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