Collapsible Joint Topology

Ever get nasty deformations around a joint in your character? Learn to use triangles the right way in this quick tip video.

You may already know this if you’ve been modeling characters for a while, but this technique was new to me.

Instead of using three edge loops to define a joint, you can use two triangles near the back as seen below:


This allows the edge nearest the back of the knee to collapse, which takes the “pressure” off the rest of the mesh so that the calf and thigh will not warp when bending.

  • Alexander Krause

    Nice tip! Would be great to see tips or even tutorials a about the hip area in the same way. Especially in the front when the leg goes up.

  • stabbedbyapanda

    ik elbows can be done this way, but hip, ankle, wrist, and shoulders can they?

  • Hervert Pimentel

    For arm is same concept?