PxrDisney and RenderMan Preview Rendering

The PxrDisney shader is RenderMan’s default for a reason- it’s fast, easy, and extremely versatile.

Check out the awesome documentation here for more examples: http://renderman.pixar.com/resources/current/RenderMan/PxrDisney.html

The PxrDisney shader is the ubershader of RenderMan. It’s great for basic solid objects¬†like simple metals and plastics.

From the documentation linked to above:

The PxrDisney shader is a “catch-all” shader, designed to be flexible and dynamic in a production shading pipeline. The shader is based on the Disney “principled” BRDF by Brent Burley; it is “principled” rather than strictly physical. The principles that Disney followed when developing this model were:

  1. Intuitive rather than physical.
  2. As few parameters as possible.
  3. Parameters are zero to one over their plausible range.
  4. Parameters are allowed to be pushed beyond their plausible range where it makes sense.
  5. All combinations of parameters should be as robust and plausible as possible.